How can I use ROXPro to train?

ROXPro is widely used to improve:

- Reaction Time
- Speed & Agility
- Visual Capabilities
- Coordination & balance

Fitness, Sports, Physio Pros, and Athletes integrate ROXPro into their training 100% according to their needs.

ROXPro can be integrated into 1-on-1 and group sessions and be used for athletes of all fitness, ability and age levels.

What makes ROXPro different from other interactive training tools?

Some of ROX most loved features are:

- Not only lights, but multi-sensory cues to stimulate more senses and recreate real game and life scenarios.
- Ball, kick and punch-proof ROX. Made of jet-fighter materials and engineered to withstand any impact.
- Unique feature for body balance assessment and training via immediate feedback.
- Adjustable sensors that complies to maximum tap accuracy for different needs and locations.
- Tracking dashboard that shows performance data with export functionality.

What is a Smart Training Assistant?

Being a smart training assistant is what makes ROXPro the everyday tool of Sports, Fitness & Health professionals. It assists in the work of planning drills, creating interactive training, and tracking results. Always with you, any place, any time.

How does ROXPro train the body and the brain?

All the built-in Programs of ROX Pro are sports-science backed with the proprietary MSNP™ training methodology. It ensures cognitive-motor skills development, focus-training and motivation boosting.

How durable are the ROXPro sets?

The ROX are ball, punch, kick-proof. We know that athletes will be rough with them, so we made them extra strong. When constructing the shape, stability considerations were key. Athletes can step on the ROX and hit it with different kinds of projectiles. The material selection supports our stability and quality focus. We used super reliable (and safe) materials.

What are the ROX made from?

The ROX are made to last. The ROX's top is made of the same material as jet fighter canopies (PC), the body is made of an ultra-strong plastic (ABS mixed with PC). The holsters are made out of silicone. All materials are virgin (=not recycled), which means they are safe and comply with the strictest chemical standards.

Are the ROX waterproof?

They are not waterproof, but water repellent. Please do not throw them into the swimming pool.

How can I download the ROXPro Mobile App?

What does the ROXPro Mobile App include?

- 200+ video guided sports-specific drills library
- 9+ Programs developed based on our proprietary MSNP training methodology
- ‘3 Taps & Go’ functionality for quick start of drills
- Preset and customised drill possibilities
- Tracking dashboard to follow performance development
- In-app help centre for instant support

Can I customise the programs in the ROXPro Mobile App?

Yes. ROXPro is an open tool to be integrated into all your sessions. The Programs settings are customisable quick & easy. Mix ROX Pro with your creativity and experience to match 100% of your needs.

Why does my Android phone only connect 3 ROX in the ROXPro Mobile App?

It's probably due to your Android phone's BLE restrictions.
Here's how to fix this:
Go to Settings ->diagnostics->
ROX Master Limitation, and change the number from 6 to 3 and press save.

How does the tracking dashboard function?

It's a cloud-based dashboard with export functionality. You can access your training data here:

Use your login from the ROX Pro App and analyse your own of your athlete's evolution.

How does ROXPro ensure tap accuracy?

You can adjust the sensitivity of the tap sensors in the “More settings” section of the programs that utilise the tap sensor. It is available in the 4 programs below.

Open React 2.0
Lights Out
Body Control 2.0
Target Practice

How do I conduct a firmware update?

We will schedule release updates that make your ROXPro even better. You will receive an update notification on your phone;
Any device paired with ROX
Go to ‘Device Manager' (Press Down Arrow on the 'Select a Program' page) Tap your device “ROX” In “All ROX” select the connected ROX A pop-up window will show, click 'OK'

How many ROX can I connect to a single phone?

The ROXPro App lets you connect up to 30 Rocks to one phone.

Why does a ROX not react when I touch the power button?

Make sure that the battery is full. Once the ROX are on, the power button is disabled.

Can I adjust the sound volume?

Yes. There are different sound volumes available, you can find the volume control within the ROXPro App once a Program is started.

Why don't the ROX sometimes not recognise my taps?

The integrated sensors in the ROX are 100% accurate. You can adjust the sensitivity according to the surface where you place ROX.

To change the Tap Sensitivity of a ROX:

- Go to the program that you want to use
- Tap the "More Settings" button
- Go to "Tap Sensitivity"
- Select one of the different sensitivity levels:
You can choose from Light (1) (Very Sensitive) to Hard (3) (less sensitive) and also adjust it based on the floor type:
The Shaky floor (yeah, we know the name sucks) is any floor that reverberates vibrations, like a basketball court, volleyball court, etc.
The soft floor is any floor that absorbs vibrations, like a mat, grass, etc.
The hard floor could be pavement, tiles, etc.

How long do the batteries last?

The battery of the ROX lasts 3 to 9 hours depends on your usage.

What is the connectivity range?

The range is up to 43 yd / 40 m

How can I see the battery status of the ROX?

Go to ‘Device Manager’
- Select “All ROX’
- Then you see the battery status of all connected ROX
- Press any ROX icon to identify each one of them

What results can I expect from a training with ROXPro?

ROX adds a cognitive training to any kind of physical training. Besides the cognitive-motor development you can expect your athletes or clients to perform better because of two factors:
-Their motivation is increased by the fact that they can see their results and compete with others or themselves.
-The multi-sensory stimulation of ROX keeps them focus on the exercise.

Why is one ROX blinking pink every 10 seconds?

It indicates low battery power. Please charge your ROX.

Do the ROX emit color when charging?

Yes, different flashes of light indicate battery status. ROX will blink red if it's under 60%. Flashes of red and green between 60-80% and green once it reached 100%, and then ROX will automatically turn off while being on the charging plate. The ROX battery will last 3-9 hours, depending on your activity. If the ROX blink in red during the game, it means a low battery.

How to charge ROX?

Charge your ROX for 8 hours before the first use then 4 hours after the battery drains.

How to change the ROXPro App language?

The App language is the same as your phone's current language settings. If you like to change it in English, you need to change your phone language settings.

ROXPro App is currently available in 3 languages: English, Spanish and German.

For iOS: You can also change the language settings by:

Go to Settings
Scroll down to find the ROX Pro App
Preferred language
Select from English, German and Spanish

How to connect ROX?

Download ROX Pro App, create an account and follow the steps below Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone Enter the App Go to ‘Device Manager' Tap 'All ROX' Select 'SYNC NEW ROX’ Turn on the ROX The ‘Add ROX’s screen will display all ROX within the distance range Tap the ROX which you want to add After you tapped all the ROX you want, press the 'LET’s GO’ button Double confirm on your ‘Program Center' screen that the number of ROX is correct. If not, redo steps 4-7

How do I turn on my ROX?

Put the palm of your hand over the power button for at least 5 seconds until ROX vibrates, blinks in green and makes a sound. Once it does, it is on.

How to turn off ROX?

There are 3 ways to turn them off:

1) The ROX will automatically turn off after not being used for 45 minutes (You can change the number of minutes through the App, go to Setting - “Auto Turn off settings”);
2) In the “Device Manager” of the App, select “TURN ALL ROX off”;
3) In the “All ROX” Section of the App, you can see all the connected ROX, press “…” button and turn each ROX off manually

What should I do if a software update fails?

Please check the battery level of the ROX. If it is too low, recharge it and try again. Try doing the update with a maximum of 3 ROX at a time. When doing the update with more, there can be connection issues between your phone and the ROX during the update. Keep your phone as close as possible during the update process to prevent connection loss and please do not close the App.

What's the Body Balance feature?

This unique feature develops sensory awareness for balance & coordination. It allows the assessment and training of these skills via immediate multi-sensory feedback.

How do I set up my ROX?

The set up is simple, and based on syncing your ROX Pro App (downloaded to your phone) to the Rocks (your devices).

1. Enable Bluetooth on your phone
2. Enter the App
3. Go to ‘Program Center'
4. Tap 'Add A Device'
5. Tap 'Add ROX’
6. Turn on the ROX
7. The App will display all ROX that were founded
8. Tap the ROX(s) to confirm the one(s) you want to add to your Program
9. After you tap all the ROX you want, tap the 'Go’ button in your App
10. Double confirm on your ‘Program Center' page that the number of ROX is correct. If not, redo steps 4-7

Is there any warranty on ROX, if so, for how long?

We provide a warranty for 12 months for any hardware defects on the ROX that are not caused by improper use.

How do I pair ROX with a new phone?

If your ROX were connected to one phone and you want to change the phone, turn off the Bluetooth of phone# 1 or close the ‘ROX Pro’ App on phone# 1 and then follow the steps below for phone# 2:

Turn on the Bluetooth on your phone Enter the App Go to ‘Device Manager' Tap 'All ROX' Select 'SYNC NEW ROX’ Turn on the ROX The ‘Add ROX’ screen will display all ROX within the distance range Tap the ROX(s) which you want to add After you tapped all the ROX you want, press the 'LET’s GO’ button Double confirm on your ‘Program Center' screen that the number of ROX is correct. If not, redo steps 4-7

How do I know that my ROX that are connected?

Go to the 'All ROX’ screen Tap the ROX icons.The corresponding ROX will blink

How do I add a number of rounds to the App?

For the Open React 2.0, if you like to start a new round without touching your phone, you can change the settings for the start of the Program going to more settings and you'll see START and change it to "By tap". For the Lights Out you can change the number of Circles which is the equivalent of the number of rounds.

I'm having connection issues, what can I do?

The basic guide for connections issues

Close the App Turn on/off your Bluetooth Turn off the Bluetooth of any device close by Turn on the 3 ROX and try syncing them again Open the App Go to the 'Device Manager' Select All ROX and press the Sync New ROX Tap ROX to add them Press the 'Go’ button in your App

You may log out and log in from the App
You may also delete the App and reinstall then connect/sync ROX again.
More tricks:
- Turn on/off your Bluetooth
- Restart your phone/device
- Log in/log off from the ROX Pro App
- Remove and reinstall the ROX Pro App

I'm having battery issues, what can I do?

If ROX keeps blinking red and not turning on

- Let the ROX empty its battery to allow the reboot process
- When it’s not blinking anymore, charge it for 3-6 hours

Rocks not charging

- Remove the battery for 10-20 seconds to allow the reboot process and reinsert the battery
- Charge it for 3-6 hours

Issues with my Android device wherein I can only connect 5 out of 6 Rocks

It’s most likely that your device is experiencing some Bluetooth restrictions. To solve this, please go to Settings, select Diagnostics then press ROXs Master Limitation and change the number from 6 to 3.


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