ROXPro | 6 ROX set + Charging Case
ROXPro | 6 ROX set + Charging Case
ROXPro | 6 ROX set + Charging Case
ROXPro | 6 ROX set + Charging Case

ROXPro | 6 ROX set + Charging Case


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Your smart training assistant with 6 ROX and a charging case is perfect for any Sports, Fitness & Health Pros. Create interactive training experiences for results plus fun. Train the body & brain to improve your reaction time, agility, speed, visual capabilities, coordination, and balance.


  • 6 x ROX
  • 1 x Charging Case
  • 6 x Straps
  • 1 x Mesh Carry Bag
  • 1 x Adapter with 4 x USB ports
  • FREE ROX Pro App – iOS and Android
  • Light, sound and vibration cues: multi-sensory stimulation during the training
  • Balance feature: use immediate feedback for body balance assessment and training
  • Adjustable sensors: allow maximum tap accuracy
  • Easy-to-use: intuitive set-up, navigation and customisation
  • Open tool: never prescriptive. 100% customizable according to specific needs
  • Tracking dashboard: cloud-based dashboard with export functionality
  • Super durable: strong construction makes the ROX resistant to any impact
  • Mobile tech: IoT connectivity and wireless charging for long-term use
  • Sports science-backed Programs: proprietary training methodology behind all the built-in
  • Programs Help center: multi-platform user support available

User-centric designed, intuitive use, and simple control.

  • 9+ Programs
  • 3 Taps & Go
  • Preset drills
  • Customised drills
  • Tracking dashboard
  • In-app help center
  • Community center
  • FREE for iOS and Android

Tech Features

  • Upala™ proprietary feature for body balance assessment and training
  • Conexxion™ proprietary technology for connectivity and up to 44 yd/ 40m reach
  • Grouping function to train with different groups at the same time
  • Wireless charging
  • Li-ion rechargeable batteries with 3-9 running hours
  • Touch power button
  • Hardware controlled by App
  • Touch, tap and motion sensors
  • Multicolor RGB LED lights for visual stimulation
  • Speaker for auditory stimulation
  • Vibration motor for tactile stimulation


  • Jet-Fighter material (Polycarbonate/ ABS)
  • Anti-shock construction
  • Water-repellent
  • Rubberised coating
  • Exclusive use of virgin raw materials


  • CE approved
  • FCC approved
  • GS approved adapter


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